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Pirates Passage Movie Review

Pirates Passage Review

Imagine a film that deviates from today's standards for a bit. A film that touches up on Canadian History, and demonstrates that, no matter what, your situation can always come out with a positive outcome. Prior to watching this film, there was a fact from Canadian History that I did NOT know. However, I will let you discover what it is by watching the film, if you haven't already.


First impressions are quite powerful, and my first impression of the film when I first saw it as I was surfing channels one afternoon was the thought "Why's there a couple of ships on the water?". As soon as I saw that the Captain was giving the command to sink the other ship, I must have seen the scene prior to that point in time, as I saw that his reasons were justified. Another important thing that was cementing into my mind as I was having my first impression of the film was how characters were interacting with one another. For example, the chain of command was always clear to see, and those in command basically had the loyalty they deserved from those who served under them. All in all, you can really feel like the characters have actual personality to them, and you don't have to observe them very much to know how they are like in general.


In addition to how characters speak, there's the occasional mild profanity, such as "damn", and a one-time occurence of the b word. However, that's about as profane as it gets. Whenever a character lets out a profanity, it is usually with purpose. Jim, the film's protagonist, is basically the character with the softest "swearing" you can ever hope to hear. I mean, "Holy cow" is as spicy as it gets with Jim. By contrast, Captain Charles Johnson has got to have a mouth like a sailor, if you'll pardon the pun. If something disappoints him, he'll basically say "damn". On occasion, he'll use the same word to emphasize something, such as "I can be damn cold.". In essence, the dialogue has finesse.


There are a couple of bullies in the film, one being 10 years old, and the other being an adult. Yes, even adults can be bullies. The bullies, Todd and Roy Moehner (Their last name is pronunced "Meaner"), are both weak of character. For instance, Todd has trained the family dog, named Grendel (Yes, that's the dog's name), to attack Jim. The sad part about that is, nobody realizes that this is happening, and, as a result, are powerless to help Jim defend himself against this rather offensively trained dog. Meanwhile, Jim's mother, Kerstin, has Roy to deal with. Roy holds the mortgage for the Inn, and, needless to say, is more than anxious to get the Inn for himself, as he has plans for it. However, when Captain Johnson arrives at Grey Rocks, these lives get changed forever, as one Friday night, Jim is working on an essay and sees Captain Johnson's vessel approaching the docking area in a horrible thunderstorm.


As the Captain's token of gratitude for helping him get settled into a room at the Inn, he offers to help Jim with is assignment by showing him how the pirates lived in the past. However, even the Captain himself has a situation to deal with - getting permission to land into Canada. That shows just what one has to put up with, while waiting for permission to go basically anywhere. When we decide to go into town to get something, we take it for granted just what we're actually allowed to do. At times, when I think of this film, I think of how it must feel like to have to wait for Customs to give you permission to visit the town, or land into the country. That's one of the things that comes to mind, even when I go to visit a grocery store to buy some provisions, for instance.


All in all, I find that the movie is very well made. I just hope that today's filmmakers can take a look at this film and realize that using Special Effects is ok, but, not to the point where the film has to rely on them to be seen as a good film. There's a reason why I like films who use the proper techniques to tell a story, and that reason is that you know the film is worth watching, if the characters are able to tell the story by themselves, or with minimal Special Effects.


In conclusion, I hope that you find this review useful. If you did, feel free to let me know what part has been the most useful in the Comments.

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Pirates Passage Movie Review   Pirates Passage Review Imagine a film that deviates from today's standards for a bit. A film that...