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Twenty Years ago

Hard to believe, this Calendar Day lands on a Friday, rather than a Tuesday. But, there's more to this day than a mere trivia fact. In fact, it marks the day that I had the biggest brush with the Dark Side.

Imagine being smaller than your best friend, and, as a result, you want to trust that person to be your friend, AND NOT YOUR ENEMY. To be honest, I am still amazed at how quickly the tables turned. For years, I faced torment by my "best friend", torment that gradually pushed me into embracing the very power that I lived to avoid - the Dark Side. Honestly, things could have been very different, had I not have tapped into this power.

During those short moments, my personality did a 180. Wherever I normally felt positively about anything in regards to my newfound enemy, I felt a strong negativity about him. Until recess at lunch on this day (around noon), 20 years ago, would I have even thought about defending myself against such a big enemy. However, I did it. By embracing the Dark Side within myself, I found strength that I never knew that I had. And, I am not just talking about physical strength. I also found strength in the form of knowing the difference between a friend and an enemy, and when to stand up for myself.

There's that famous saying that "violence never solves anything". That's true, to an extent. In this case, my ally was the Dark Side itself. Without it, I probably would have NEVER learned the important lessons that I have learned. Before I conclude writing this page, I want you to understand that I had exhausted ALL peaceful methods of resolving the problem, save for calling in the Police. I basically made the decision of fighting my former best friend over calling the Police. You may be wondering why. Well, I felt like that problem was very personal, and I felt like I was to personally handle it. Somehow, I succeeded where the teachers and the Principal failed.

All in all, I am NOT advocating throwing fists over petty arguments. However, when someone tries to SET YOUR HAIR ON FIRE, or STEALING YOUR TUQUE, and they act as though these actions are socially acceptable, they are WRONG, and they deserve to be put in their place.

Thank you for having taken the time to read this.

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